What we do

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Lasers are used for a huge number of tasks, these can be as simple as label marking or as complex as 'on-the-fly' 3D Material processing. The laser is at the heart of any 'laser marking system', but these systems usually rely on Galvanometers to steer (position) the beam. 'Steering the beam' is a complex science and one that requires technical knowledge in a number of fields.
The goal is to steer the beam as quickly as possible while maintaining a very high degree of positional accuracy and fidelity with respect to the command signal. Designing Galvanometers and Electromagnetic actuators which possess these qualities is no mean feat.

MAGRAD is a UK based company with years of experience in the field of galvanometer R&D. Our knowledge base encompasses the required disciplines and so enables us to develop galvanometers, actuators and associated drive electronics in agreement with our clients requirements.
  • Galvanometers for laser marking, processing and beam projection.
  • Linear actuators for laser beam focusing and positioning of optical elements.
  • Rotary and linear position detectors.
  • Servos and associated drive electronics.
  • Prototype performance testing.